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Five Reasons to Choose a Motor Home Holiday this Year

If you’re looking for a holiday that’s a little different this year then why not consider hiring a motorhome and exploring the British Isles. With concerns about costs, carbon footprint and the hassle of holidays abroad at the forefront of many vacationers’ minds, choosing to ‘staycation’ in the UK and hire a motorhome is becoming ever more popular. Here’s why:

The Flexible Choice

Although there are certain benefits to package holidays abroad, they don’t allow you as much freedom as a motorhome holiday. When you choose to traverse the British Isles by road you can go wherever the mood takes you so you’re adventures can begin anew every day. When you choose a motorhome you also have the opportunity to travel into Europe or even further afield, but at a fraction of the cost of a package holiday.

The Key to Convenience

When you hire a quality motorhome you’re basically treating yourself to a luxury hotel room on wheels – and with thousands of campsites all over the UK you can choose exactly where your hotel room goes! Most campsites come with all mod cons including club houses, electrical supply and even WiFi, so you can enjoy all the home comforts that you’re used to whilst on holiday.

Explore your Surroundings

When you stay in a hotel or B&B it can be restrictive, because you’ll need to be close enough to your hotel to get back there easily in the evening. When you hire a motorhome you can be off on any adventure in a matter of minutes and as you’re taking your hotel room with you, you really can go anywhere you like without having to worry about getting back to base. In a motorhome, you can easily get off the beaten track and explore areas that you wouldn’t be able to access if you were staying in a hotel.

Key to Comfort

The majority of motorhomes come with full facilities including a toilet, shower room, sink and kitchen equipment, so you’ve got every convenience at your fingertips. With motorhomes that can sleep up to six people, everyone in your party will have somewhere to rest, dine and relax within the motorhome you choose. You can even extend your space by adding an awning to your motorhome so there’s plenty of room for all the family. You’ll also have the freedom to set your own schedule – get up when you like, eat when you like and prepare home cooked meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Endless Destinations

There are so many great UK destinations to see that you could choose motorhome holidays for a lifetime and never run out of things to see and do. With so many campsites to choose from across the country, you can find a convenient place to stay whether you’re in Land’s End, John O’Groats or anywhere in between. Not only can you enjoy staying on campsites, but you can also get involved in sporting events, visit heritage sites, go to theme parks and travel further afield, for example into Europe.