Motorhome Hire 2020

About Motorhome hire


If you are wishing to hire a campervan or motorhome in south east England especially around the Easter holidays, summer holidays, Autumn Half term, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These are our busy periods so you will need to book your holiday early. This is the most crucial advice we can offer you.

Please do not leave it too late to book as we experience this a lot with people, they leave it to late to plan there motorhome hire holiday around our busy periods. This can lead to disappointment and upset for our customers as they then discover there is not a suitable vehicle available for their holiday.

Our motorhomes and campervans are for hire all year round they do get booked up within our busy periods everyone of them go out over Easter holidays, School holidays,  Christmas holidays, through to new years eve. Our 6 berth is our largest motorhome this one is very popular with familes and they seem to normally go first out on hire.

Then as you can imagine our 4 and 2 berth motorhomes are next to become booked out. Holidaying in and around Britain or even some parts of Europe are becoming more and more popular each year with travellers international and British residents . Whatever your occasion may be holiday special event such as Silverstone, brands hatch race weekends or even a rock concert in our summer months we will see all our 2,4 and 6 berth motorhomes reserved months in advance. So be first book early.


When planning your motorhome or campervan holiday please give it some Careful thought to the distance you will be travelling.It would be better to allow yourselves more time or shorten the distance between your destinations so you can enjoy your holiday as remember the fun should start the moment you step into your motorhome hire vehicle.


Before you set of on your holiday in your motorhome hire, you will be given a vehicle briefing. One of our team at motorhomehireforyou will demonstrate the operations of the motorhome you will be taking away with you. This would include the use of the shower and toilet facilities, some of our customers are new to this and do not have any previous experience. Once demonstrated we are confident you will find the workings of a motorhome nice and easy.

Motorhome hire at Heathrow Airport we are pleased to be able to offer campervan hire and motorhome hire in England from our surrey branch.