Motorhome Hire 2020

Motorhome hire story’s

The time had come again for our family to take our Motorhome away for two weeks. We always enjoyed the site we are going to.The Motorhome was full of all the extra bits we needed to take with us. That was as well as the Motorhome being rather full as usual.The site was used by many of the same people year after year. So we got to know a lot of them rather well over the years.


Our time was usually spent either on the beach if the weather was good enough, or organising games for the youngsters.But this year we were hoping to have a special evening for one of the men. Tom had been organising this site for the past thirty years. Now he was retiring.


This site had always been one for Campervans. But over time there were a few changes. Now there were quite a few motorhomes joining us. Some people changed from caravans for the convenience of having an all in one vehicle instead of towing a van around. I hadn’t tried one of them yet. The caravan was in good condition at the moment. So I didn’t see the point in changing.


When we got there, we were directed to our usual spot. We like our own special place, as did quite a few of the other regulars.It didn’t take long to set the caravan up and get the awning sorted. I always found this a pain as it had to be passed through the bits to secure it to the van. But the extra room made a lot of difference to us.


We had a wonderful evening with the usual singing and dancing going on. Everybody liked to let their hair down after all the time we spent at work. Being in this sort of enviroment seemed to bring the best out of most people. None of the youngsters strayed from the field. So it was easy to keep our eyes on them.

We were woken the next day by very strong winds that rocked our caravan all over the place.The rain was lashing down as well, so heavy that it seemed to be coming through the roof.I got every one up and dressed just to be on the safe side.

 Then we got some pegs from the locker and put them around the awning in the hope that it would stop the wind taking it away altogether.Then we all got into the car and went to the village down the road to get even more pegs. Just in the hope we could keep it pegged down and secured to the caravan.


Then we headed back to the site as fast as we could. The wind seemed to be getting stronger by the minute. When we got to the field, we were horrified to see several awnings blowing across the field with the owners chasing after them in vain. Even if they got them back they would have to sow them together again as they were badly torn.


Then we spotted our caravan and my heart was in my mouth. It was laying on it’s roof and loads of our belongings were all over the place. There wasn’t anything we could do except try and rescue as much as we possibly could. Fortunately a lot of other campers were helping us as much as they could. Some actually stored some of ourthings in there caravans and cars. The rest we crammed into our car somehow.


“What are we going to do now?” Asked my wife Very sadly and anxiously. “This is supposed to be our holiday. Do we go home or is there another way we can stay here? ” I said we should go to the nearest large town and try to find something to shelter us from this awful weather. I didn’t know what but we had to do something or just give up and go home early. But that didn’t seem fair on the



I suggested hiring a motor home. But every told us the same. “Sorry not any available at such short notice.” It was the busy season after all.So we went back to the site very depressed and almost ready to give up and go home. One of our former neighbours invited us in for something to eat and drink before we went.This was very good of them.


Then I was handed a lap top by the husband. “How about this company?” He said cheerfully.I looked at the name on the screen. It was called Motor Home Hire for you. So I asked a rather silly question at this point in time. “Are they any good?” I said seriously.He assured me they were very good indeed. “You are sitting in one of their vehicles right now! We hire them every year for our holidays.” He explained.


I got the phone number and called immediately. Somehow our luck was changing. They had one only left for hire.And they were not too far away from us. So I got my wife into the car and off we went. We left the children with our friends as there was very little room in the car at present.


The hire company had all the paperwork ready and we were on our way back in no time at all. It’s a good job we both drive. I thought to myself as I couldn’t drive both vehicles back at the same time, could I. Once back on the site we soon had all of our belongings packed away safely in the Motor Home.


Our holiday was superb. The sun came out and we had loads of fun with the children.The Motor Home was spacious. More so than I expected. As for the hire company, well what can I say except

they couldn’t have been more helpful. We have decided not to buy another caravan. From now on we will be hiring a MotorHome every year for our holidays. Why don’t you give them a try. You won’t be sorry.

Good luck

Norman Bailey

 Motorhome holiday

We could hardly wait to get the Motor Home loaded so we could set off in the morning for our tour around some of the country, as we do every year.

This sort of holiday started a few years ago when our caravan got destroyed by a violent storm.It was then we found out about a MotorHome Hire Every year since then we have hired one of these motorhomes from the same company. They treated us so good and helped us in our hour of need.

The next morning the sun was shining as we set off for the site. It took a couple of hours to reach the site but once we were there we soon got booked in, parked the motor home on our plot and set off to say hello to old friends.

We found that by hiring a motor home, we can be so much more mobile. When we want to move on, we just start the engine and off we go. Everything is packed away. No having to hook up the caravan. Also it is much easier and safer to drive. These vehicles don’t snake across the road as caravans do sometimes. Even with a stabilizer attached

I was a bit worried this year because my wife was due to give birth in a few weeks time. Hopefully the baby will wait until we get back before making it’s first appearance into the world.I wanted to stay at home just in case. But oh no. She wasn’t going to miss a couple of weeks away. So that’s why we are here.

For a few days we did lots on site. Our children joined in with all of the games the site organised. Such as paddle the inflatable boat across the lake. It was only about eighteen inches deep and there were people in the lake from the start to finish just in case there was an accident at all.

Then of course there was the egg and spoon race, welly throwing, darts and many more fun games to play.

In the evenings we all got together and lit the BBQ,s for a group cook in. Washed down by a glass or two of wine or perhaps a couple of beers. On this particular evening I decided to stick to lemonade. Purely because my wife said the baby was kicking her tummy rather a lot. So just in case of an emergency which meant I would have to drive, I stayed off of alcohol altogether. But I must admit I still had a wonderful time.


I got the children to bed about ten pm and sat talking to other friends around us.About three am my wife grabbed my arm and shook and shook until I woke up.”What’s the matter dear. Do you want a drink of water or something.” I casually said She turned the light on and I could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong.”My waters have broken and the bed is soaked.” She said in a very panic sort of way.

“Don’t worry about the bed. Let’s get you to hospital straight away.” I said seriously. I woke the children and told them what was happening. They soon got dressed and were sitting in the seats ready for me to drive to the hospital.

The people in the next van were woken by the chaos and were knocking at our door in no time at all.”Is it your wife? Is it time for the baby to arrive?” They blurted out rather loudly