Motorhome Hire 2020

Motorhome owners

Calling all UK motorhome owners – Motorhome hire for you are offering a new income opportunity

Why not Join Motorhome hire for you, and enjoy making money from your motorhome. You choose which dates you make your motorhome available for hire so you can still enjoy Summer and winter holidays in your motorhome when ever you wish.

Here at Motorhome hire for you works very hard to find customers and to secure hire bookings for you, whilst also arranging the  insurance and motorhome hire contracts. We offer you full support and guidance at all times and are always happy to help you in any way possible.

Why should I hire my motorhome out ?

As you have probably found out by now, owning a motorhome is not a cheap hobby. Once you have paid for your tax, MOT and servicing insurance, Paying the monthly payments, the bills really do add up. Whilst it is great to own a motorhome and to travel whenever you want to .It can get you down at times when it is sitting idle on your driveway or at storage Facility costing you money. By hiring out your motorhome with Motorhome hire for you can actually make money at no extra expense to yourself.

There is no charge to list your motorhome, however the motorhome or campervan must meet certain standards and be a condition that would be acceptable to people who are renting.

Motorhome hire for you supply fully comprehensive insurance for the period of the hire.

 All are Customers are fully vetted.

 Motorhome hire for you hold a security deposit of £1000 on your behalf.

All contracts are supplied by motorhome hire for you.

We are happy for you to advertise your van with other companies at the same time.



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