Motorhome Hire 2018


Birmingham motorhome show

Don’t forget its Birmingham motorhome show this week if you’re thinking of buying a swift or a WildAx Motorhome  this summer why not come and hire one before you buy We have a range of Swift Escapes at are Heathrow branch and a selection of WildAx Panel vans you can hire and purchase at are Wiltshire Branch.

Motorhome holidays in the United Kingdom

When coming to Uk  it can be  hard to decide what to do first, Stay  in Windsor in a nice hotel  near Windsor castle or you could go to London and see big Ben or Buckingham palace and see the queen decisions , decisions  why not hire a motor home ,from you could fly in to Gatwick or London Heathrow and get picked up by our meet and great service and you could order there food  welcome pack so you don’t have the hassle of going to the shops just get straight on with your motorhome holiday you could find a nice campsite  in surrey and commute by train to and from the places you want to see.

Choose a UK Motorhome Holiday

Choose a UK Motorhome Holiday

If you’re planning a trip to the UK from New Zealand then there’s only one way to really get the most from your visit – with a motorhome holiday!

Travelling to Great Britain from New Zealand is a long trip which means you’ll want to pack as much as possible into your visit while you’re here – and the easiest way to do just that is by hiring a motorhome and enjoying the freedom of a holiday on the road.

About Us

Motorhome Hire For You is the UK’s premier motorhome hire company operating throughout Great Britain. We can supply a huge range of high quality motorhomes and campervans to rent that are ideal for couples or families. Our fleet of motorhomes are equipped with everything you could need and are regularly updated so we can always offer you the best possible motorhome or campervan. To find out more about our motorhome rental services call 07787 196123 or click here to contact us through our online form.

The Joys of a Motorhome Holiday

Whether you’re visiting from New Zealand for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveller, renting a motorhome is the ideal way to really get to know the British Isles. When you hire a campervan or motorhome you can travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats and everywhere in between, so you can pack as many incredible sights and experiences into your trip as possible.

If you’re planning to holiday on a budget then motorhome hire is a great choice as it’s much less costly that booking hotels and domestic travel tickets, not to mention the convenience that a motorhome affords. A holiday on the open road offers total flexibility as you won’t be under any of the restrictions that hotels and other forms of accommodation can impose.

In a motorhome, you’ll never be told when to get up, when to eat or when to be back and you’ll never have to worry about straying too far from your bed. In fact, when you hire a motorhome with us it’s just like having a luxury hotel room on wheels.

So if you’re planning to visit the UK from New Zealand then make sure you make the most of your holiday by hiring a motorhome or campervan from us. For more information call us on 07787 196123 or click here to visit our contact form.

Motorhomes for your Family Holiday

Five Reasons to Hire a Motorhome for your Family Holiday

If you want to experience a great family holiday then motorhome hire could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are five reasons why a motorhome holiday is ideal for families.


What could be better than being out in the fresh air of the British countryside and experiencing the freedom of the road? You and your family can view breathtaking sights along the way and stay in a huge variety of places, from wild and remote pitches to large family parks where your children will find tonnes to entertain them.


Anyone with small children knows that if you want daily life to run smoothly, then you need to be flexible – and that applies doubly to holidays, where it’s so important to make your time spent together as stress free as possible.

When you choose to hire a motorhome you’ve got the flexibility of being able to go where you want to go, stay where you want to stay, get up and go to bed when you want to and eat when you want to – which makes life much easier with kids in tow.


It’s important that your kids get to experience excitement and adventure on holiday, but it’s just as vital that you get a chance to relax. When you choose a motorhome holiday it’s easy to find plenty to do that you and your brood will enjoy, rather than staying in one place where either you or your kids will get bored.


Families are expensive, so many parents are looking for more cost effective ways to take a break. In general it’s much cheaper to hire a motorhome than book hotel accommodation and pay for transport. When you opt for motorhome hire you’re basically taking your hotel room on the road and you can get extra space without having to pay more for it simply by attaching an awning to your van.

Quality Time

Every child should experience the joys of a motorhome holiday and have the opportunity to get to know the British countryside. Life on the open road is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and keep everyone occupied by packing as much into your holiday as possible.

A motorhome holiday is the perfect way to create happy family memories and give your kids the time of their lives, so they’ll want to embark on fun family motorhome holidays again and again.