Motorhome Hire 2020

TV & film crew hospitality vehicles

Motorhome Hire for Film and TV

Many of us have enjoyed motorhome holidays in the UK and beyond, but a motorhome can be so much more than a great way to enjoy a vacation.

If you’re in the film, TV or music industry, then hiring a motorhome could help your next project run more smoothly.

Motorhome Hire for the Film Industry

Making a film is generally a fairly long and drawn out affair and the majority of films today require outdoor shoots. This means that without a motorhome, cast and crew can be left standing in the cold for hours on end, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

We supply all types and sizes of motorhome for film shoots that are ideal for keeping your staff happy during long, cold shoots. You can even hire a fleet of motorhomes to make sure that everyone is accommodated.

During a day of filming, it really helps to have a warm, dry and functional office space where important crew members can meet. A motorhome is the ideal solution, offering a practical and comfortable space which can be used as an office, a dining area or simply as a place to relax.

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Motorhome Hire for the TV Industry

If you want a television production to run smoothly then it’s essential to ensure that everyone involved is kept comfortable. a motorhome is a great way to offer actors or crew somewhere to retreat to during the day and relax, or it can be used to store costumes, props and other essentials.

Most lead actors appreciate their own private space during filming and a luxury motorhome from us can provide them with everything they need, including a TV, CD and DVD player and a deceptively spacious interior that’s easy to change into different configurations.

Motorhome Hire for the Music Industry

Music video shoots can be notoriously expensive, so when it comes to making it work, speed is of the essence. One way to ensure shooting is quick and easy is to use motorhome hire to help you organise your time.

When you hire motorhomes you can have separate vehicles for the artist, dancers, extras and so on, or use different motorhomes as costume and makeup areas for different performers.

If your video involves night shooting and dancing then the chances are your dancers could become very cold between takes and a motorhome is the perfect way to provide warmth and comfort to make sure you can get the most out of everyone involved.

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