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WildAx Europa

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 The all new WildAx Motorhomes Europa!

 The Europa is the first of a series of motorhomes based on the brand new Renault Master. Tested by all of the main magazines and described as “Original thinking”, “so simple and so effective and trouble free that you can hardly believe it!” by Motorhome Monthly magazine Jan 2011 issue!

The Europa is designed with a modern twist to the standard motorhome ‘look’!The latest designs and build techniques are used in the Europa with some very clever innovations.

We have built the Europa with a very high degree of quality and specification, taking care to ensure that the small details are not overlooked.

The Europa is aimed at a motorhome owner looking for a luxurious, well appointed, carefully built motorhome with a price tag more suited to the mass produced market!

Main Specification includes

•Refillable LPG tank (30 Litres)

•Truma Combi 4E Gas/Elec blown air and water heater

•Large seating area

•Two singles or huge double beds at over 6ft 4 inches long

•Fully winterised = all year round use!

•Large 100 litre winterised water tanks. – insulated and 12v frost protection heaters installed.

•Innovative kitchen design.

•Lots of storage areas

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